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​The Power of Etiquette!

Jane's inspirational and uplifting talk relates the niceties of afternoon tea to methods that help companies become much more internally relatable. After your people have seen Jane they will know how to be more internally relatable, increase engagement and consideration in their working environment.  


Motivation, communication and customer service - all in the enjoyable company of Jane and her very British sense of humour!

Jane Malyon's Cucumber Sandwich.jpg


Learn what the cucumber sandwich...

Businesses that top the Best Companies lists are always those that create a top-to-bottom environment of engagement. Those are the businesses that retain staff and clients and work effectively.

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Using the analogy of afternoon tea etiquette - there are amusing yet memorable lessons that enhance rapport and engagement.  Your audience will discover how the correct way to pour tea relates to corporate internal harmony!  They will hear why the humble tea strainer is a fantastic metaphor for how to communicate.

can teach us

“Really enjoyed what she had to say at Real Business event. One of my favourite parts of the day.”

Patrick Phelan, The Happiness Index


Use teapot metaphors...

            to build rapport

Cream or Jam, Scone or Scon.jpg

We all like to do business with those that play nicely! Jane's talks encourage the use of teatime etiquette and why it's GOOD for business, staff retention and our own well-being.


Scone or 'Scon', cream or jam first....


Deal with intolerance!

Jane Malyon speaker at KPI.png

​​Be the company

everyone wants

to do business with...

...raise the

charm levels


the roof!

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 22.35.06.png

Show your company’s great values - every single day

Be talked about for all the

right reasons!

"I've watched Jane a few times, she's always wonderful. Completely uplifted

the room." Philippa Richard


Jane has a generalist message wrapped up in a unique,

memorable and specialist package - and it

can apply to all levels of an organisation.


The topics can be focussed on:

* Leadership

* Customer

* Team

* Playing nicely in business

* The art of rapport

* Conflict resolution turning to harmony - because the change is worth it

* Keynote inspiration

* How to say sorry (!)

* How to make staff and clients feel so special, they will imagine they're extended family

* Overcoming negatives

IndividualBox2 WEB19.jpg

Putting the TEA in Team Building:

In the UK, Jane can provide a fun combination of  Afternoon Tea and Etiquette Testing (to see if you are Palace ready!) for a great session of Team Building. In other countries, you'll need to provide the Afternoon Tea!

* Learn how simple acts of etiquette

   translate into conflict resolution and harmony

* Master the skill of building rapport

* Become more polished and professional


​What are the takeaways of Jane's presentations?


* Better communication and rapport within teams, the company and with clients

* A desire to raise your game in terms of relationships and interaction

* Awareness of the effects of your actions and words on others

* More acts of kindness. More smiles!

* Engagement and staff retention

Business IS personal!  Everything is.  Put the kettle on and let's make every communication count!

"Out of ALL the speakers that day, Jane was everyone's favourite!"  

Dent event, The Mermaid Theatre, London

"I can't tell you how many people came up to me to say how much they had enjoyed it."

Heather Carnera, Speaker Booker - November 2019

“Jane is a National treasure!”

Marty Wilson: Speaker and

Australian Comic of the Year

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