How AFTERNOON TEA can change

the world AND your Business!


Need increased Corporate and Client Engagement?

Here's how to enable your organisation to become a NICER place to work!
Teams can get on better, productivity and staff/client retention can go up -
and no calories need be involved!

Book Jane for her warm and amusing delivery of talks and TEAmbuilding events,
to provide an uplifting, easy-to-absorb experience in your conference day
or for Zoom presentations to bring teams together again.

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Afternoon Tea is delicious BUT it's not all about the tasty carbs! Transfer those niceties of being in rapport, offering, listening, noticing and thanking...and you have the beginnings of corporate engagement and diplomacy right there. That translates into staff retention, at least 12% more efficiency, improved customer service and organisations that simply work together better.  Let's put the courtesy back into business and put the TEA into TEAm building!


“Perhaps the most intelligent idea I've heard in quite some time.”

Sandra Nelson

The currency of courtesy: Jane Malyon ke

Book Jane for her British keynote talks and topics which are utterly surprising, unique, funny and powerful. Cucumber sandwiches, cake stands and teapots may be involved in the talk, but in reality, this is an inspiring message around internal communication and engagement within organisations and their clients.

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Jane is not only a professional business speaker but also the UK's expert on afternoon tea traditions. Etiquette, however, is not just about holding your cup a certain way - it's actually all about kind consideration, engagement and communication. Using the metaphor of teatime manners, your audience will truly learn how to be more internally relatable within their business, in the enjoyable company of Jane - with lots of very British humour (and possibly scones) added in!


“She’s simply an inspiration!”

Lou Johnson, Blue Sky

Revenue Generation

“Delightful, entertaining and inspiring.

Her joie de vivre is irresistible!”

Diane Priestley, journalist

BOOK JANE to provide a great audience experience for your group.  In her warm and amusing way, she'll provide light relief between serious speakers and yet, Jane will show how to increase engagement, rapport and kindness in your working environment with staff/clients.


In the UK, Afternoon Tea or English Cream Tea can also be provided within the package by Jane's company (and Jane can offer teatime etiquette tips too)!

THEMES: * communication * inspiring * engagement *customer service * entertainment * kindness * diplomacy

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​​Book ​Jane Malyon:  Amusing British speaker to give your people a warm and inspirational experience

"I've heard a lot of speakers and there are just a few I remember.  This lady, Jane Malyon, made

a big impression on me at an event where there were other speakers.  I personally remember only

HER talk, and to today it is stuck in my mind." Debora Luzi