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Putting the TEA into

TEAm Building!

Strengthen relationships within your team
in one fun, fascinating, challenging and delicious session!

Jane works with companies that want great communication skills and engagement

Whilst also enjoying the treats, this very interactive event motivates the group to develop their strengths, collaborate and find new ways to communicate, using each element of the Afternoon Tea experience as the guiding inspiration.

A valuable behaviour-changing opportunity -

not just a piece of cake!

"Very engaging, useful, fantastic! Helped

everyone in the room" Intu Properties, London

"Thank you for making us ask ourselves some serious questions and motivating us to take action."

Janice Meikle, Director, Marketing Matters

Shades of Tea for The Currency of Courte

Fancy A Cuppa?

How do you like yours?

This exercise gets the group finding out something unique about each other. Can even include bespoke tea blending from finest loose leaf ingredients.

Tea Strainer.png

Using the Tea Strainer

Remembering to filter communication too. Learning to critique with kindness. Words

to use, words not to use!

Sugar pot.png

One Lump or Two?

Learn how to sweeten the

deal and provide added extras that delight.

Cucumber sandwich &

Cucumber Sandwich, m'dear?

Historically, a symbol of one-up-manship, now the sandwich platter represents

sharing and inclusivity.

Chap 3.14 cream:jam pots.jpg

After you? No, after you!

Consideration and working as a team. Is there a hierarchy in your team? Is your social structure working well?

Cream or jam controversy

Cream or Jam first?

Appreciating that your way is not the only way! Trying on other people's perspectives!

Thank you card.png

The Power of Being Noticed

Constructive praise and thanks to

create motivation and energy in

your whole team.

"When Jane walks into a room you immediately want to go and talk

to her – she fills a room with happiness, love and laughter."

Bridget Hunt, The Diet Detective

"Jane knows her stuff! HIGHLY recommended!”
Cathy Prested, Director at Funky Casinos

Bonding over Tea

HOW TO BOOK for Putting the TEA into Team Building:

Held in your offices or venue (or for an Away Day trip to The Secret Sconery, Essex, CM6 1RF, UK), teatime treats make for the best bonding medium of all.


For a quote, let Jane know if you would like Cream Tea or full Indulgent Afternoon Tea included in your Team Building event plus the number of attendees. Most sessions last 60-120 minutes - but guide on your requirements. 

(Gluten free, vegetarian or vegan guests can be accommodated.)

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